CapitalConnections : Connecting companies and investors globally 
  • Companies want

    • To minimize senior executive time spent travelling and delivering identical messages to globally dispersed audiences, so the C-suite can maximize the time they spend running the business
    • To deliver your messages in HD, with the highest broadcast production values at a sensible cost, to enhance and promote your corporate brand
    • To minimize the financial and carbon impact cost of satisfying investors’ demands for information
    • To expand your share register in new geographies, liquidity pools and investor classes
    • To keep the market informed, on a level playing field
  • Institutional investors want

    • An access solution that is commercially viable within the new reality that prohibits payments from client commissions
    • Access for all portfolio managers and analysts, firm-wide, from any device and any location
    • Access to information no later than their competitors
    • Opportunity to ask private questions in one-to-one meetings
    • CapitalConnections Delivers


      We install and operate the world’s most advanced and efficient remotely-controlled broadcast studio platform, directly in your headquarters, so that reaching world-wide investors, frequently and even spontaneously, is only a few steps away.

      We design your outreach program, target your potential audience, manage invitations, profile your attendees, and make sure you are competing for investor attention and capital on the most efficient possible terms.

IR Magazine Europe Awards June 26, 2012
National Investor Relations Institute June 2-6 2012
Oct 2011, Say about the latest innovations

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